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Our Leaders

Guiding Brilliance:
Meet the Global Leaders in Bullion Management

Step into the world of precious metals via InProved, where you’ll meet the top-tier minds at the forefront of bullion procurement and management.

Our leaders are recognized worldwide as influential figures in the industry, shaping market trends and setting standards in the business of bullion. Each profile delves into their strategic expertise and visionary approaches, demonstrating how they leverage their profound knowledge to secure and manage valuable metal assets effectively.

Discover the trailblazers who ensure our operations are as solid and reliable as the metals we handle.

Hugo Pascal, Managing Partner

Hugo Pascal stands as a titan in the realm of precious metals trading, specializing in the nuanced analysis of precious metals derivatives. His expertise is not only sought after by major players in the industry but is also actively shared across his prolific social media channels, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. Hugo’s insightful analysis reaches a global audience, making him a valued commentator for esteemed news outlets such as Reuters and CNBC.

His ability to decode complex market trends and translate them into actionable intelligence has cemented his status as a world-class trader. Hugo’s contributions go beyond trading; they influence market perspectives and guide strategic decisions across the financial sector. Whether he’s forecasting shifts in the metals market or advising on risk management, Hugo’s work is indispensable to professionals and investors alike, shaping the landscape of precious metals trading worldwide.

Huan (Johnson) Koh, Managing Partner

Huan is an accomplished figure in the mining and development sector, serving as an independent director for several public companies, including Resouro Strategic Metals. His extensive experience as a corporate advisor and board director spans numerous investment holding businesses, where he applies his deep knowledge and strategic acumen to foster growth and innovation.

Certified in all relevant areas in Singapore for creating investment holding companies, His expertise is regularly showcased through insightful posts on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he educates a wide audience on utilizing efficiency-driven countries like Singapore to maximize commercial wealth. 

Johnson’s guidance is pivotal for companies and individuals around the world, helping them navigate the complexities of global markets with a sense of safety, security, and tax optimization. His comprehensive understanding of all statutory acts and tax-efficient clauses in Singapore enables stakeholders globally to leverage financial centers like Singapore to preserve and grow generational wealth, ensuring their financial strategies are both secure and optimized for tax purposes.