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InProved has been providing valuable advise to me over these few years regarding long term benefits of holding precious metals. I am confident in the advice they provide and the information they share. With this help, I feel assured that I am keeping precious metals safely and securely, and managing my finances efficiently for my future needs, while allowing me to enjoy a comfortable standard of living now .

Cassandra Kueh


I’ve never gone through a detailed precious metals holding plan like this before, and I’m very glad to have met my commercial advisor, who is also the resident director of my gold holding company. He has helped me to understand how exposure to precious metals assets can benefit a broader investment strategy and how it improves diversification. I am now better prepared for future market volatilities.

Lim Kim Lee


My InProved commercial advisor gives sound advises to help me meet my investment goals. I feel assured to have him advise me along my path to financial freedom as he is someone who is able to put himself in my perspective to see what decisions and options I have.

Thomas Koh


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