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Licensed fund management plan

100% wholly-owned company, to manage third-party funds legitimately under a licensed corporate structure

•Major cryptocurrencies accepted

Licensed fund management plan, a single-premium commercial company plan, provides you a holding company with the capacity to manage financial assets legitimately under a licensed and regulated corporate environment, as well as enjoy up to zero corporate taxes from one of the most tax-efficient locations in the world. It allows you to use a Pte Ltd or VCC in Singapore, which is already equipped with a fund management license, so that you can manage third party funds located within or outside of Singapore.

Funds you manage can be located anywhere, including within and outside of Singapore. You can appoint yourself, or anyone else, on the investment community. All compliance and governance, including adherence to license restrictions, company filing requirements, adherence to company statutory requirements, financial reporting and transparency disclosures, are all included under the plan. This assurance continues over and over again so that enjoy using Singapore as a safe, regulated and secure location to operate a fund management business.

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