Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.


Physical Gold Holding Plan

100% wholly owned company, to hold your bullion bars tax-efficiently

Physical gold holding plan

— 100% wholly-owned company, to hold investment-grade physical gold tax-efficiently

— Major cryptocurrencies accepted

Physical gold holding plan, a single-premium commercial company plan, provides you the ability to own investment-grade physical gold, from one of the most tax-efficient locations in the world. It allows you to procure investment-grade gold from one of the lowest premium locations today, store them anywhere in the world and keep them to realize capital gains from price appreciation. There are no capital gains tax with us under this plan, as it is managed by a Singapore-based asset manager, which you have unlimited communication access with. All gold, account and company are under your name, 100% owned by you. You can liquidate your holdings to receive 100% payout, tax-free, paid to any personal or current account. Your tax-efficiency is assured no matter how much gold you hold under your holding company. This assurance continues over and over again so that you can procure more investment-grade gold over your life-time and enjoy tax-efficient realization of capital gains.

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