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Our Business

Your trusted partner in holding company creations related to Precious metals 

Your trusted partner in holding company creations related to Precious metals 


InProved is a provider of holding companies specific to the precious metals sectors. The holding companies are provided for the purposes of;

  • Tax-efficient exposure to gold and precious metals
  • Better access to global investors and financial markets
  • Safer domiciliation of companies under a sophisticated regulatory system
  • Maximising wealth generation potential related to gold and precious metals 

InProved strives to make it easy for customers and intermediaries by providing them with responsive support, relevant plans and services, business continuity and hassle-free enrolment. Our comprehensive suite of commercial holding company solutions include companies designed to:

  • hold physical and paper gold and precious metals products
  • hold family wealth with hedged exposure to gold and precious metals 
  • hold third-party funds managed by licensed and regulated fund managers
  • hold use rights and development rights for precious metals projects

With more than 40 combined years in the commercial structuring business, our plans and solutions are well-received and trusted by company directors and owners around the world, allowing them to leverage safe and sound regulatory environment from jurisdictions like Singapore.

InProved offers a wide range of commercial holding plans and distributes its plans through promoters, agents, commercial advisors and direct channels.


A leader in precious metals company creations


InProved is one of only a few companies in the world who can claim to be able to maximise wealth from commercial holding companies related to precious metals. Since 2016, we have onboarded advisors with specialised expertise related to precious metals investing and corporate structuring and have invested in user-friendly digital solutions, so as to deliver our trusted and relevant company plans to users around the world. 


InProved commercial advisors


Commercial advisors are an important part of the InProved family. We offer our advisors a life-time worth of knowledge in structuring and profiting from exposure to precious metals assets, so that they can create commercial holding companies using our digital solutions and establish for themselves, a stable and consistent financial future.