Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.

Improve your gold holdings with InProved

At InProved, we believe you should leverage advanced economies anytime anywhere to realize commercial wealth. That is why since 2016, we have made it our purpose to help you realize your commercial goals. With our holding company plans, you can focus on your activities and reach for your goals.

What we aim to provide

Own holding companies that hold physical gold assets tax efficiently.


0% capital gains tax

Never pay capital gains tax again when spot price for gold increases.


0% corporate income tax

Enjoy up to 0% in corporate income tax when you hedge your gold with us.


100% yours to own

Enjoy holding gold products under 100% wholly-foreign owned companies and accounts.

We are committed to provide you the best possible commercial environment so you can improve your financial future


Sound regulatory and business environment

Singapore remains the best place in the world to do business in the next five years, according to EIU’s business environment rankings for the fourth quarter of 2022. Canada and the US are ranked second and third.


Safe and non-corrupt

Singapore is the safest country in Asia, according to GPI. Singapore is also one  of the least corrupt nations in the world, ranking consistently high among financial transparency


Enhanced global image

Singapore is committed to international tax cooperation and are required to comply with FATCA, CRS (developed by OECD) and AIFMD requirements. Company owners sleep soundly knowing that they are operating in an attractive and supportive jurisdiction.

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Company Profile

Check our mission, vision and values towards our clients and our commitment.

Our Leaders

A strong team at the top is the reason for InProved’s success. Find out who our board of directors are by clicking here

Our Business

InProved is holding company provider specific to precious metals and commodities. Find out more.

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