Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.

Cost Advantage of Transacting Gold with InProved

InProved keeps its bid and ask prices attractively positioned compared to many other bullion dealers, wholesales and retail suppliers, due to its capability to understand the depth of supply and demand of gold stocks. There are a few features of our business model that allows us to keep prices attractive, including:


  1. The networks we establish with multiple contracted sources
  2. The commitment to keep costs low and digitalise much of our processes
  3. The knowledge of the gold paper market, including the options and futures market
  4. The knowledge of country-specific efficiencies, safety and their impact to gold stock bid-ask prices

Our team is extremely experienced in investment banking, portfolio management, corporate structuring and international tax laws.

While many of our peers are dealing with micro-percentage profit margins, often below 0.5%, we are typically working with higher profit margins, helped by leveraging the features mentioned above. Hence we aim to pass on all the efficiencies generated to consumers worldwide, so we can all profit together. This is also our company’s mission since day one of existence.

The easiest way to understand how we derive at such price efficiencies would be via the diagram above. Let’s have a chat about your accumulating wealth through gold investments and InProved.

InProved makes it easy to procure and hold gold and silver bullion products in a tax-efficient manner. Ready to explore?

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