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Secure your commercial wealth with InProved bullion products

Unlock financial freedom with InProved’s gold investments. Experience zero capital gains tax when you own bullion with InProved. Start your journey to prosperity today.

Start owning investment-grade physical gold bars, ingots and coins under your own holding company in Singapore

What we are about

Our team of consultants and financial analysts advises you about owning a holding company that can hold physical gold and reduce taxes:


Investment excellence

Expertise in gold: We specialize in gold investments, offering top-tier physical gold bars, ingots, and coins. Our focus ensures you get the best in the market.
Market Insights: Leveraging in-depth market analysis, we provide strategic investment advice, helping you make informed decisions to maximize returns.


Client-centric approach

Tailored solution: Understand that each investor has unique needs, we offer customized investment strategies. Our consultants work closely with you to align your financial goals.
Dedicated support: Our commitment to your success is reflected in our continuous support. From initial consultation to ongoing management, we’re with you every step of the way.


Tax efficiency

Zero Capital Gains Tax: Investing with InProved means enjoying 0% capital gains tax, allowing your investments to grow unimpeded.
Corporate Tax Benefits: We structure your holdings to optimize tax advantages, ensuring you benefit from low to zero corporate income tax on your gold investments.

InProved is your all-in-one Bullion business platform​

Lowest Prices for Bullion​

InProved guarantees the most competitive prices in the market for gold bullion. Our direct relationships with refineries and bulk purchasing power allow us to offer unbeatable rates, ensuring that you maximize your investment from the start. ​

Buy More, Gain More Control​

With InProved, the more you buy, the greater your ability to hold gold under your own company name. This unique feature empowers you to not only invest but also establish a solid foundation for your wealth, providing both security and autonomy over your assets.

Build Your Gold Business with InProved

Leverage the InProved platform to create and expand your gold business. Our infrastructure and expert support provide the perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive in the gold market. Whether you're starting fresh or scaling up, InProved is the springboard for your success.

InProved enables you to appoint representatives or partners to assist in building your gold business, offering flexibility in how you manage and grow your investment. This collaborative approach means you can multiply your efforts and reach, tapping into networks and expertise to enhance your business’s growth and profitability.

The InProved platform is designed to facilitate not just the purchase of gold but also the creation and expansion of personal and collaborative gold enterprises, providing a comprehensive solution for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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