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How do I invite people to discuss being a shareholder of my holding company

It is easy to invite or remove potential shareholders, potential directors or other potential stakeholders (i.e employees, customers, suppliers, advisors etc.,) to your holding company. 

To invite someone to your holding company

  1. Goto Ownership or Appointments tab
  2. Under either of this tab, click add new shareholders or new directors
  3. Enter the email address and full name of the person you like to invite
  4. We’ll automatically email them an invite, so they can join your holding company. Their invite will be valid for 2 weeks.

To remove someone from your holding company

Note that you can successfully remove anyone who is not already appointed as a shareholder or director of your holding company. Removing an already appointed shareholder or director will incur additional steps and costs which our commercial advisor will advise separately. 

To remove a potential shareholder or director from your holding company

  1. Under Ownership or Appointments tab, choose the potential shareholder or potential director to be removed
  2. Click the remove icon
  3. Confirm the removal

To accept the invitation someone has sent you

  1. Go to the invitation email you’ve received from InProved
  2. Click Log in to accept invitation. After accepting the invitation you will be directed to InProved
  3. Sign up, Verify your email address and Log in
  4. Acknowledge the invitation once you have logged in

And that is it! You have successfully entered the holding company which invited you.

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