Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.

How do I open a holding company to buy gold

InProved is an online holding company platform. It allows you to create holding companies online, appoint shareholders, directors and other stakeholders, and use the holding company to buy and keep investment-grade gold bars and build other precious metals related businesses safely and tax-efficiently. You can use it to pay yourself, pay suppliers, appoint investment managers who work for your holding company and generate financial returns from holding gold and currencies. It costs nothing to set up. 


It is quick and easy to open a holding company. Just sign up, verify your email address and verify your holding company via MyInfo or manually. 


We will need to verify the business and speak to you before we open any bank accounts or financial accounts for your holding company.


You will also need to complete self-verification by confirming your mobile number and uploading your passport copy and proof of address. We need to verify you to ensure we know who we are doing business with.

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