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Import export expansion plan

— 100% wholly-owned company, to expand your trading or import/export activities, from a corporate tax-efficient location

— Major cryptocurrencies accepted

Import export expansion plan, a single-premium commercial company plan, provides you the ability to increase your retained earnings value, by leveraging low FX rates, tax rates and stable enforceable corporate laws, from one of the most vibrant trade and financial hubs in the world. It allows you to use an efficient and globally-recognized holding company to sell or buy raw materials, consumables or high-ticket equipment, from glob. There are loads of efficiency in doing so, including being able to enjoy mid-market forex rates, low tariffs when importing or exporting, low corporate taxes on your taxable gains, liquidity and working capital financing options when you have secured offtakes.

All your intangible assets, financial accounts and holding company are under your name, 100%-owned by you. You enjoy the trade hub and financial services efficiencies throughout the plan, no matter how much trade volumes you do. This assurance continues over and over again so that you enjoy being able to transact in a high-efficiency environment anytime you receive or pay out.

The plan comes with suggestions of customers and financial partners. Because you are now able to enjoy the global market of customers and financial partners, you can receive recommendations and suggestions relevant to your business needs. This advisory is provided under a virtual board environment which consists of you making the ultimate decision.

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