Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.

What do I have to do to buy gold and hold it under my holding company

InProved provides all the capabilities for you to procure, hold and profit from gold kept under your holding company. 


If you are intending to procure gold to be kept under your holding company, the best thing to do is to speak with one of our commercial advisors through the messages tab on your company dashboard. 


The advisor will take down all your requirements and propose a commercial plan that consists of all the fiduciary responsibilities to procure gold under your holding company. 


We believe this is the safest and surest way to procure gold as you pass on all such responsibilities to us to procure it. This option also provides the most recourse to you as the fiduciaries provided by InProved are cleared and verified, real individuals whom you will liaise with directly. A fiduciary is a legal responsibility that is easily enforced under the laws of Singapore, where we are headquartered in and comply with. Hence any commercial breach of trust, no matter the amount, is dealt with seriously in Singapore under the courts of law.

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