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Why do I need to verify myself when I open a holding company

Verification is one of the ways we keep you safe when you use InProved. It is also how we comply with the financial regulations in the countries that we operate in.


That’s why, when you open a holding company, we may ask you for a few documents or to confirm your identity. This helps us verify who you are, what you intend to do with the holding company, and that you meet our internal policies, procedures and controls to counter against money laundering and terrorism financing.

Think of it like opening a bank account — except that with InProved you can do the whole thing online, quickly and easily.


To complete your self-verification, we would require you to;

  1. Confirm your mobile number
  2. Upload a valid copy of your passport
  3. Upload your  proof of address (i.e a bank statement, utility bill or mobile phone bill that is less than 3 months old, or a government-issued card like a driver’s license. All of these documents must show your full name and residential address)


Note that your information is only used for self-verification purposes and not to be used for any other purposes other than that. We also keep your information strictly secure and confidential, and comply strictly with our privacy policy.  

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