Procure investment-grade 1kg gold bars at spot +0.25%. Enquire within.

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Monetization Plan

Own a project that you like to list or sell? Use an efficient holding company to seek management buy-outs.

Your 100% wholly owned Singapore incorporated Pte Ltd with you and anyone of your choosing as shareholders, created to receive and pay from customers and suppliers globally.

Key Benefits

Receive currencies of all forms, including FX and crypto, via all debit and credit card types.

They are to here to guide you on best practices to approach potential shareholders and other stakeholders.

All company, gold and accounts are 100% yours. You can nominate your family members or professional networks as shareholders or directors of your holding company.

How It Works

Regardless of which country your current business is domiciled, you can own a trading company incorporated in Singapore to receive and pay out.

The benefits of doing so are lower corporate taxes, better FX rates, easier contract administration and enforcement, abundance of banking facilities and efficient fund settlement.

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