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What is the importance of a registered office address

A registered office address is where all communications and notices to the company are addressed to, and also where the company’s registers and records are kept. 


By default you can use a registered office address provided by us for the purpose of entering into contracts and communications with other companies and individuals.

We provide this address even for unincorporated companies as goodwill for you to enter into contracts with other companies and individuals. To use this address for an unincorporated company, you must MUST inform us prior to putting it on any contract or communications (i.e. website). This is so we can keep track which holding companies are entering into contracts and also to protect your interests. 


Note that the registered office must be an address in Singapore, but it need not be the place of operation. For instance, your company’s registered office address may be in Raffles Place but your factory could be located in Kuala Lumpur.

We also provide registered office addresses for incorporated holding companies. All incorporated holding companies are required by law to maintain a valid registered office address. You can also edit and update the registered office to another Singapore-only address. Note that we will ask for proof of tenancy if such a change is made, as it is extremely important to maintain a valid address. Companies and directors that fail to comply with this requirement may be fined up to SGD 5,000 if found guilty.

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